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25 April 2014

weekly goals : week 1 & 2.

I'm a jump-starter, a compulsive and impulsive do-er, a maker of lists, a re-writer of lists when that list gets a little messy, an over-thinker, a trier of everything, but a notorious un-finisher of a million "projects". I have been a jack-of-all-trades, master-of-maybe-two-or-three-tops since I was just a little kid because I have always had my fingers in a million pots. The problem with having your fingers in so many pots is that, of course, it's really hard to do a completely successful and great job at each thing, so you end up with moderately well-done and mostly finished tasks. This goes for craft projects, my Etsy shop at times, the laundry I need to put away, paying my bills, and my health, namely my diet and exercise routines. 

I'm very good at getting myself motivated to do things, but it's the follow through and the consistency, making things habits and sustainable, that I have a harder time with. I've read that it takes doing something 21 days in a row to create a habit, so I've been keeping that in mind. But I've also been giving myself mini weekly goals. These weekly goals are small, hopefully manageable, that I am hoping will start to create/reinforce good habits and will give me little successes to help myself stay motivated when the long term successes might seem too daunting or out of reach.

WEEK ONE : Drink 32 oz. of water every day!
This might seem like a no-brainer, or far too simple to some people, but to me this was huge, and the most important change I needed to make. Having Crohn's means I use the bathroom A LOT, which leaves me severely dehydrated. The Crohn's also makes me bloated nearly 24/7, which being dehydrated wasn't helping at all. Add to this disaster the steroids which make you retain water/salt, and I was quickly becoming a puffy mess. I am very happy to report that I smashed this goal. That first week I was drinking at least 32 oz a day (most days it's been more like 64 oz+) and I'm now in the middle of week 3, nearing the 21 day mark, and I have consistently had 32 oz of water everyday. I've given up on soda nearly altogether--only having it as a treat occasionally if we eat out (though usually in that case I'm opting for a beer (shhh! I can treat myself!)) and have begun supplementing in coconut water as well. My mom read an article about coconut water benefiting people with Crohn's, so I'm giving that a bit of a go.

WEEK TWO : Exercise a minimum of 30 minutes every day!
This one was a little harder, and honestly, not super realistic or manageable for the week I had last week. So, really, I shouldn't have made it that week's goal, but I am still really proud of what I did accomplish. Sunday and Monday Connor and I went for jogs at our new favorite spot. There's this great park about a 5 minute drive from the house that has a jogging "loop" I guess you could call it, around a pond. You can park by the loop and just jog that but we prefer to park at the bottom area of the park and walk up the hill to the loop. Walking up the hill and then doing the loop one and half times and then walking back down is about 2 miles and takes us about 30 minutes (he does the loop more like 3 times though ha). It's kind of perfect for me though--the perfect length, I get a warm up by trucking up the hill and a cool down at the end going down it, and I can do the loop as many times as I feel comfortable that day, giving me something to strive further for each time. Tuesday I had my infusion, so my body was far too worn down for a run and Wednesday I worked 7:30-3:30 then went straight to my doctor's appt for the second opinion and didn't get home until after 7 and it was getting dark out. Thursday I worked that same schedule and didn't really have an excuse to not do anything but I was just tired. Friday however we were back at it and Sunday as well, before we celebrated Easter dinner at my parents house. I was really happy that we forced ourselves to go get a run in before gorging on ham and eggplant parmesan lol. Saturday was my bff's Sam's wedding and I hadn't intended to do any exercise that day other than dance it up, but I'd been really light headed all morning and headachey so we wound up heading home relatively early, about 6:30, to rest and nap. I woke up about 9pm needing a little snack and so we decided to go to the store and wander till something struck my fancy. The store is only about a 5 minute walk from the house, but we usually drive because we're lazy or buying too much to want to walk back with, but this time I forced us to walk and it was actually really nice, albeit a bit creepy at 9:30 on a Saturday night (we live in a weird area, let's leave it at that). SOOOOOO (I'm so incredibly long winded sorry) all of that is to say, 5 out of 8 days is actually pretty damn impressive. This week I've gotten a bit off track because it's been raining everyday making running outside highly unappealing. I need to just set my yoga mat up inside the bedroom and do some youtube videos--a future goal!

1 comment:

  1. Those are great goals & are becoming a part of my daily routine as well. Drinking that much water is hard for me as I work a retail job & can't be shutting the door every 15 mins to pee so I find that one hard.

    Making small goals is SUCH a great idea and way better/less demanding then massive unrealistic ones!! I'm just figuring that out now as well ;)

    You're doing great miss!! One day at a time, right??


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