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23 April 2014

currently ♥

(I had this keychain custom made by The Roo Pouch as a daily reminder to, as usual, HUSTLE gurrrl).

Eating: Cayenne pepper. I know, random right? But in an effort to get my health back on track I've been reading a lot of articles and blogs about whole foods, paleo, and natural remedies. This isn't the first time I've dove into educating myself about eating a more basic natural diet based on proteins, fruits and vegetables and I've learned a lot and discovered some interesting tips and tricks in the past. Something that kept coming up was using more cayenne pepper to flavor your foods. The benefits of cayenne pepper seem to be numerous, but for me the keys are that it can ease upset stomach, ease gas and bloating, help your overall digestive system function, relieve joint pain, boost metabolism and curb appetite. We just so happened to have a little shaker of cayenne pepper so on Tuesday of last week I decided to try shaking a little bit on just about everything I ate. Today is now Wednesday and after a week I have noticed a huge difference. It's crazy. I literally do feel fuller longer and I haven't had nearly as many stomach aches. I am on a high dose of steroids to help with my stomach and have had two Remicade infusions also in order to help my stomach, the second one having just been Tuesday as well, so I guess in theory it could also be the Remicade starting to do it's job but the doctors have all said it's unlikely I'd notice a huge difference until my third infusion. Anyway, for now I'm gonna stick to this cayenne thing and see how it plays out. I'll keep yall posted.

Watching: Call the Midwife. I finished Season 1 last week and I just love the main actress, she's got such a classic look. My parents pretty much devour any BBC television series so they've been talking about the show forever telling me I'd probably like it, and they were right. Also, being that I'm 29, I get a little bit of baby fever here and there and watching all those babies cures that in a hot second.

Listening to: The National's "High Violet". We saw their documentary a couple weeks ago, Mistaken for Strangers (highly recommend!), and though they have a newer album, and I pretty much played this one to death when it came out, I haven't listened to it much in the last year or two. I'd forgotten how beautifully perfect and seamless it is. Finding a record you can listen to beginning to end without skipping tracks is rare, but High Violet is just that.

Reading: Blogs again! There are a million reasons why I hadn't checked my Reader App or caught up on my blogs and subscriptions, but suffice to say I'm glad I've gotten back into it. Unfortunately, a few of my favorites have stopped blogging, so my feed is a little dead. Just an opportunity to find some new great blogs to read! Any suggestions?

Anticipating: Bloomsday. It's a 12k race that is done every year here in Spokane. I wasn't living here last year, so I missed it, but I did it the last two years before that and a lot while I was younger. It's the first Sunday in May, so it's coming up quick. Connor and I have been training on and off for the past couple months. We'd started in the beginning of March going for jogs, and we actually went running the morning of the day I went into the hospital with my intestinal block. So yeah I'm a little crazy seeing as I was in a lot of pain that morning but just figured it would go away lols. Since I got realized from the hospital I had to take a couple weeks off to let my body rest and heal, but we've been back at it and have gone three times this week already. I know doing 7.5 miles is going to be a lot rougher than the 2-3 mile jogs we've been doing, but getting myself moving is enough for me. Plus, my slowest time was 1:45 three years ago, so I'm going to try to still do it under that, but if I don't I know I'll be proud of myself just for completing it at all.
Craving: A day off. I worked 5 days last week, which really isn't that bad, but I've also been putting in at least 2-3 hours a day working on my Etsy shop (take 30% off with code "HELLOSPRING"!) too. This week I work 6 days straight at the two coffee stands and I know by the time Sunday hits I will be so glad to just do NOTHING.

Planning for: The summer. There will be a lot of changes coming, from me watching my parents house again for a month, to Connor and I getting a new place, him going back to school as well as working crazy hours at his job, me working god knows what job or jobs haha, trips, friends visiting, concerts, weddings, etc. It's going to be very busy and a little hectic but I am so excited to start the next chapter.

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  1. YOU are amazing and I am so so happy to see you blogging again boo!
    Good for you on the 12k!



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