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04 April 2013

square one.

bow headband: Urban Outfitters
dress: Target (old)
saddle shoes: eBay
whistle necklace: eBay

I'm on day four of my new schedule and I am pretty much obsessed with how much more productive and happy I am because of it. I've gotten my workouts on a much more planned schedule, been able to check about ten things off my to do list (annoying things and fun things alike), gotten back onto a blog and photo taking schedule (finnnnnnally), made plans for lots of eexciting future endeavors, had time for friend bonding and a little letting loose (or as I like to call it "getting yoked then getting loked"), started two new books, and have been eating clean the whole time. It's been great. Getting myself to a better place mentally allowed nearly everything else in my life to follow suit. Also, did you know that if you wear saddle shoes all you will want to do is dance around, pretend you're having a malt at the soda shop, wear the perfect shade of red lipstick, and just feel like a retro goddess? Cuz that's what happens.


  1. I promise not to tell anyone about the deep fried jalapeno bites...

    Wait -- whoops!

  2. I just got this same dress from a thrift store recently - I love it! Congrats on being super productive, I wish I could say the same about myself.

    - rewynd

  3. I love your dress and your shoes! :)



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