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05 April 2013

happy friday: jethro fox - blinding light

My good friend Brad made a playlist for friends of all his favorite songs of 2012 and I've been slowly working my way through it, picking my favorites from his favorites. This Jethro Fox song stood out from the first few bars,  almost has a Grizzly Bear-ish sound to it. And who doesn't love a little Beach Boys style harmonies? I'm sold.

04 April 2013

square one.

bow headband: Urban Outfitters
dress: Target (old)
saddle shoes: eBay
whistle necklace: eBay

I'm on day four of my new schedule and I am pretty much obsessed with how much more productive and happy I am because of it. I've gotten my workouts on a much more planned schedule, been able to check about ten things off my to do list (annoying things and fun things alike), gotten back onto a blog and photo taking schedule (finnnnnnally), made plans for lots of eexciting future endeavors, had time for friend bonding and a little letting loose (or as I like to call it "getting yoked then getting loked"), started two new books, and have been eating clean the whole time. It's been great. Getting myself to a better place mentally allowed nearly everything else in my life to follow suit. Also, did you know that if you wear saddle shoes all you will want to do is dance around, pretend you're having a malt at the soda shop, wear the perfect shade of red lipstick, and just feel like a retro goddess? Cuz that's what happens.

Amanda Seyfried / Tatler Russia / April 2013.

Now, I am not normally one to post spreads or lookbooks, mostly because it's a rare occasion that I find myself compelled to or that I find something I just adore. And then I saw this one Amanda Seyfried did for Russia's Tatler magazine. And I died. Let's just start with the pup in the sunglasses, okay? Or how about the pumps with the red lips in the last photo? The nod to the '60s, the tiny hair bows, the soft waves, that perfect green Michael Kors dress and shorts combo - from styling to editing, this shoot is perfection to me. And I had to share.

01 April 2013

little miss scatterbrain.

cardigan: Forever 21 (old)
tank: Truly Madly Deeply via Urban Outfitters
skirt: Forever 21 (old)
boots: Buffalo Exchange - Seattle
bag: Crossroads Trading Co - Seattle
bag tassel: Little Fellows via Brickyard Buffalo
bullet necklace: Atomically Adorned via Brickyard Buffalo
rosette headband: Urban Outfitters

The scatterbrain that is my brain has been in overdrive lately I think. I have a habit of always having twenty things on my plate and if I don't, well I create twenty things. Then I get all stressed out, don't do a good enough job on each thing, and end up forgetting responsibilities or just being a space cadet. Take yesterday for example--I locked my keys in my car for the second time this month. I personally don't think you should be allowed to lock the car doors if your keys are in the ignition still, but I digress. Point is, my new routine ish started today and so far I'm feeling a hundred times more in control of my HAVE TO-do list and my want to-do list which allows for my hey! Target's having a sale let's go wander impulses to not make me end up with actually more stuff to do and even less time to do it in. 

Additionally, after a bit of a freakout moment this weekend, I realized that I realllllly miss home, and my family, and my friends, and the familiarity of my favorite bars (I'm serious and I'm not ashamed--there are bar stools and dark booths calling my name... and bartenders wishing I'd stayed away). So, after some chats with Brian and my mom, we all decided what I needed was an impromptu trip home for some real R'n'R. I'll be heading back to Spokane next weekend to spend the week getting more than my fill (hopefully) of a lot of stuff I love a lot. In Spokane. Seriously. WTF. My excitement (again WTF) has me half on that scatterbrain train of adding in extra stuff for myself to do and half super focused on tying up lose ends before I head out. Here's hoping I keep my keys handy all week.

31 March 2013

pinky promises.

cardigan: Forever 21 (old, $15 sale)
Nothing Shirt of Wonderful Dress - ModCloth (sold out, similar)
leopard satchel: H&M ($10 sale)
leopard print flats: H&M ($12)
turquoise bauble ring: H&M (old)

Can I just tell you guys how incredibly amazingly awesome this dress is? Like, I don't know what took me so long to get it in outfit photos since I bought it at the end of last summer in one of ModCloth's huge sales, but yeah it's the best. And of course, sadly totally gone at this point, but (and also of course) Forever 21 has a damn close knock off.

Let me explain to y'all why this dress rules: 1. It's sleeveless and the top half is sheer so it's perfect for layering and also perfect for when it's warm. 2. I wore it last Fall for my bf's bridal shower and it was like the perfect dress for that event. 3. I've also worn it to work a few times, both when serving and when barista-ing (is that a word?)(I'm making it one). You can not underestimate the value of a dress that is long enough to be appropriately worn at work, cute enough to look "good" at work, loose and airy enough so that you're not sweating your pants off, and also plain-ish enough to not look too dressed up, at work.

In conclusion, it's great for Fall and perfect for Spring/Summer and it's great for dressier events and perfect for casual ones too. Thanks dress, you rock! Which reminds me: You rock, rock! This rock just sits and is. (<--- and if you know what that's from we can be bffz.)

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27 March 2013

a new playlist :)

The lack of sunshine around these parts has been known to get me down, sooooo I compiled a playlist of all my new favorite spring time-y songs. These are the ones you can dance to while you're getting ready, that you can roll the windows down to once the sun is out and set your arm resting in the air, that get you just excited enough for summer without getting too carried away. Both images link to the playlist, but you can also open it here. Enjoy!

(PS: If you haven't heard yet, Google Reader is shutting down :( I'm especially bummed as that was my preferred reader, but! no fear, I am quickly becoming better acquainted with how BlogLovin's reader works and if you guys want to keep following me after the change hits, then click that little link below!)